2390 Gun Range Rd.
Geneva, FL 32732
Rifle Range

The Rifle Range features shooting positions at 100, 200, and 300 yards. Shooting benches are available at each shooting position and each one can be moved from the firing line if the shooter wants to shoot sitting on the ground or in the prone position. There is a steel ‘gong’ located at 100 yards, and a second one at 300 yards. Note: it is against range rules to shoot the gongs with .50 BMG and/or any armor piercing projectile of any caliber. Paper targets are the only targets allowed on the Rifle Range.

  1. Centerfire rifles are permitted on this range.
  2. Rimfire rifles, hunting, and shilhouette handguns are permitted at 100 yards.
  3. Paper targets only! Targets must be placed on the club provided backboards only. Do not place targets on or shoot at the uprights.
  4. Shooters are limited to slow fire, aimed shots only.
  5. Rapid fire and full auto fire is prohibited on this Range.
  6. Shooters are allowed to drive a vehicle down range to change out targets only when the range is in a cold status.
  7. The use of Range flags are permitted, but must be provided by the shooter and must be policed after shooting has retired.
  8. All brass and trash must be policed.

Rifle Range Gallery