2390 Gun Range Rd.
Geneva, FL 32732
Plinking Range

The Plinking Range has two large backstops at 15 and 35 yards. While some shooters bring their own paper and cardboard targets on stakes, others like to shoot at plastic bottles and tin cans. It should be noted that it is against the rules to shoot at:

  1. Anything that could cause a ricochet such as: steel plate,
    cinder blocks, bricks, concrete, etc.
  2. Old computers, printers, keyboards, compact discs, etc.
  3. Discarded washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, etc.
  4. Any type of glass

The Plinking Range is a fast-fire range where you are allowed to fire as fast as you like. Note: All projectiles MUST enter the backstop and ground shots are prohibited.

  1. All shots must be fired into the backstop! No ground shots! Allowing any shots to exceed the top height of the berm is prohibited.
  2. All targets must be placed on the earthen bench in front of the berm; Placement of targets on the berm is prohibited.
  3. Shotguns may be patterned on the far right side only! Shooters must furnish their own stands! All pellets must impact the berm!
  4. Shooter supplied wooden target stands may be “short placed” in front of the 50-foot berm. However, they must be at the correct height to insure all bullets will impact the berm. No ground shots or high shots! Paper targets only when this approach is used. The use of portable club stands as target stands is not permitted on this range.
  5. No full auto is permitted on Public Day until after 1:00 pm.

Plinking Range Gallery