2390 Gun Range Rd.
Geneva, FL 32732
Pistol Range

The Pistol Range has several shooting lanes with target boards at 7, 15, 25, and 50 yards. The Pistol Range is a slow-fire range and shots should be at least one second apart. Rifles are also allowed on the Pistol Range as long as the slow-fire rule is followed. The Pistol Range is an excellent place to sight-in the first few shots on a newly scoped rifle to make sure you’re ‘on paper’ before shooting at 100 yards on the Rifle Range.

  1. Paper targets only! Targets must be placed on the club provided backboards only. It is not permitted to place a target on or shoot at the uprights.
  2. This is a slow fire, aimed shots range! All shots must impact the berm. The Pistol range is intended for conventional pistol shooting, including both center-fire and rim-fire cartridges.
  3. Center-fire rifle and shotguns with slugs only (no scatter shot) shooting is permitted on the left side only, at 25 and 50 yards for initial sighting-in purposes only. Shooters are required to limit rifle and shotgun shooting at this distance to sighting in only, then required to move to the Rifle Range.
  4. Quick draw, cowboy – style shooting and rapid fire shooting are prohibited on the pistol range.

Pistol Range Gallery