This page is for safety notices of which we feel everyone should be aware.
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If you know of a product recall or safety notice that you feel should be posted here, please sent the link to the notice to with the subject as: Recall/Safety Notice Submission.

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First posted here December 2, 2003
We are installing a safety modification that replaces the:safety and firing pin mechanism of the original Ruger P85 9mm pistols ,manufactured between 1987-1990.This modification does not apply to any P85 which has "MKIIR "stamped on either the right or left safety;the "MKIIR "identifies that the safety modification has already been installed.The modification also does not apply to any other model P-Series pistol (including the P85MKII),as this safety system is installed in all other models at the time of production. All Ruger P85 pistols should be fitted with this new safety system because a P85 pistol fitted with the new safety system will not accidentally discharge when the safety/decocker lever is engaged if the firing pin is broken in a particular way .That's very important! It can help prevent accidents caused by the user's failure to take the basic safety precaution of always keeping the pistol pointed in a safe direction,especially when loading, unloading or decocking...

Please visit Ruger Technical Advisories for further details.

First posted here April 10, 2003
Found on Winchester Ammunition web site:
Through extensive evaluation Winchester has determined the above lot of SUPER-X DRYLOK SUPER STEELŪ ammunition may contain incorrect propellant. Incorrect propellant in this ammunition may cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable, and subject the shooter or bystanders to a risk of personal injury when fired.

DO NOT USE WINCHESTERŪ SUPER-X DRYLOK SUPER STEELŪ 12-GAUGE 1-3/8 OUNCE #2 STEEL SHOTSHELL AMMUNITION THAT HAS LOT NUMBER 49X3SG29. The ammunition Lot Number is imprinted (stamped without ink) on the top tuck flap of the 25-round box. See the Recall Notice at Winchester.

First posted here November 25, 2002
From NSSF "Bullet Points":
Bear Archery LLC, of Gainesville, Fla., is voluntarily recalling about 2,250 compound bows. These are junior-sized compound Bear Archery bows sold under the model names Warrior and Buckmaster/Warrior. They are camouflaged or black, and "Warrior" or "Buckmaster" decals were included in the packaging to put on the bows. Hunting and sporting goods stores, mass merchants and catalogs nationwide sold the bows from September 2002 through October 2002. The limbs of these bows can break during use, causing impact injuries to consumers. Bear Archery has received about 200 reports of these bows breaking during use with reports of seven minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises to the face and chest. Customers should stop using the recalled bows immediately, and contact Bear Archery for a free replacement. For more information, contact Bear Archery at (800) 342-4751 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, visit their web site at

First posted here July, 2001
You should immediately remove from your stock any "Vanguard" rifles by Weatherby with the involved serial numbers, and follow the instructions regarding upgrade of affected Rifles. A SAFETY UPGRADE on all Vanguard by Weatherby brand rifles manufactured between the years 1970 and 1993. The affected rifles bear serial numbers from one of the following series on the receiver: 00001 - 03810; V00001 through V80966; VX00001 through VX44065; VS00001 through VS23699; VL00001 through VL46984; W0001 through W0099; and NV0001 though NV0099. The safety upgrade will prevent misassembly of the bolt, which might occur on the affected rifles. Such misassembly might contribute to hazardous conditions in which the rifle can be accidentally discharged without the bolt being fully engaged, causing serious injury. You can call Weatherby at 1-800-227-2018 or visit them online at to receive a bolt return kit. This upgrade is FREE and we encourage you to pass this notice on to anyone who you may know that owns one of the affected rifles. NO OTHER WEATHERBY RIFLES ARE AFFECTED, SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR SERIAL NUMBERS! See Weatherby Safety Notice

Ammo Recall

The Olin Corporation is recalling Winchester Wildcat 22 long rifle high velocity rim-fire ammunition with lot numbers
3RA42L, 1RH71L, 1RH81L, 2RH81L and 3RH81L,
which may contain double-powder charges that can cause firearm damage and subject the shooter to a risk of personal injury when fired. These lot numbers are imprinted (stamped without ink) on the outside of the right tuck flap on the 50-round box. Visit Winchester Recall for details.